Monday, December 15, 2008

Two or Three Things I Know About Her

Godard released this film in 1967, and it tells the story of a woman, Marina Vlady, yet cast as Juliette Jeanson, who plays the role of both housewife and actress. The film constantly goes back and forth between the reality of life and the make-believe world of cinema. Godard follows Juliette throughout her day, as she runs errands, drops her child off at day-care, and goes shopping. The movie relies heavily on the narrative aspects of film. Several of the characters shot in the film make direct eye contact with the camera and continue to explain certain aspects of their life or day, outside of the film. The characters converse with themselves, others and the audience in this film. The topics of their dialogues also varies heavily from character to character. Some of them talk about mundane daily activities, others mention information about dressmaking. The way that Godard portrays the conversations is interesting and innovative. For example, in one scene two groups of people are shown conversing in a cafe, and Godard switches back and forth between the two conversations in a way that make the two blend togethter. Two or Three Things I know about her is definately a film that can be percieved several ways. The narrative and dialogue of the film are most memorable.

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