Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Year at Marienbad

This extremely confusing film, by Alain Resnais, was released in 1961 and tells the story of of two people who met a year ago in Marienbad. The plot is simple, yet the presentation and structure of the film are very bizarre. None of the characters have names, and their personalities are not consistent. The lead male character in the film tries to depict what really happened and what didn't happen the year that he met the woman. The theme of "memory" is recurring throughout the film, Resnais uses flashbacks to help reinforce this theme. The ambiguity of the film allows the viewer to make up his or her own idea of what really is happening in the film. Resnais uses a very surreal aesthetic while shooting this film, the scenes seem almost dream-like. The film is worth watching a few times in order to get a better sense of what really happens.

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